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The School Board, of which the Proprietor is an integral member, is the governing body of the kura (school). You are always welcome to attend any meeting. Venue and dates are in the kura (school) newsletters. As a School Board, we consider ourselves to be Jesus’ servants, working for you, the whānau (family) community, to support the staff to provide a truly Christian education for our tamariki (children).

While much of what it does happens behind the scenes, the School Board has an essential role in the life and operation of the kura (school). The School Board on its own or through its Chief Executive, the Principal:

  • Creates and enacts policy
  • Employs staff
  • Oversees the financial management of the kura (school)
  • Ensures the kura (school) is safe for ākonga (students) and employees
  • Monitors performance
  • Sets strategic direction

A more detailed explanation of the mahi (work) of a kura (school) board can be found here.

You can contact the School Board about any matter of concern by email* or by writing to the School Board via the kura (school). Please do not hesitate to provide feedback and ideas* as our aim is to connect and inform.

* using the form below


Around our Board table there are the following people:

  • Parent Representatives
  • Proprietors’ Representatives
  • The Principal
  • A Staff Representative
  • Board Secretary

Elections for the board are held every three years.


Parent Representatives
Andrew Green
Otto Azucena
Stuart Van Rij

Proprietors’ Representatives
Peter Wilding (NZCPT) (Presiding Member)
Kim Coates (Peniel)

Kaye Gillies

Staff Representative
Betsy Anderson

School Board Secretary (non School Board member)
Wilma Reinders

School Board 2024 Meeting Dates

19 February

18 March

20 May

24 June

19 August

16 September

18 November

9 December

School Board Work Plan

Please CLICK HERE for the School Board Workplan for 2023.

School Charter, Strategic Goals and Objectives

Please CLICK HERE for the 2024 School Charter, Vision, Strategy, Priorities & Tactics

Please CLICK HERE for 2023 Analysis of Variance

ERO reports

Please CLICK HERE to link to the 2021 to 2024 Board Assurance with Regulatory and Legislative Requirements Report for Miramar Christian School

Please CLICK HERE to link to the 2017 ERO Report for Miramar Christian School

Annual Report

Please CLICK HERE to link to the most recent Annual Report

Board of Proprietors

Please CLICK HERE for the New Zealand Christian Proprietors Trust (NZCPT) Information


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