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The Miramar Christian School Curriculum is the New Zealand Curriculum taught in conjunction with the Interact Curriculum. This enables us to maintain the kura’s special character.

The Interact Curriculum has been written in a thematic style. The over-arching aims are to provide learning and teaching opportunities that develop in teachers and ākonga, a growing understanding of the nature and character of God, and a growth in personal faith and character.

Term 1 God is peace
Term 2 God is calling us
Term 3 God is Forgiving
Term 4 God is Truth


The essential skills of the New Zealand Curriculum Framework are all taught throughout the Interact programme.

Each term, a focus can be made on a particular essential skill for the purpose of identifying, teaching, and assessing.

All essential skills are focused on in a two year period.

  • Physical Skills
  • Work and Study Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Information Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Self-Management and Competitive Skills
  • Numeracy Skills
  • Social and Cooperative Skills


  • It incorporates ideas from some of the most recent educational research (enquiry model) as well as wisdom and knowledge from the Bible.
  • Tamariki learn more deeply about each topic as each subject interacts with others and cumulative effect reinforces previous understanding.
  • It provides for opportunities for remediation and extension easily.  A Year 8 tamariki who needs remedial work on Year 6 understanding could have relevant material and/or lessons available, as could a younger tamariki needing extension.
  • It enables older tamariki to teach younger tamariki occasionally, thus reinforcing concepts for both age groups.
  • A wider range of thinking skills and learning styles will be developed and practised.
  • Teachers gain the experience and expertise of a wide range of educators and educational advisors.
  • Kura’s are able to network with other kura’s using the programme for advice, moderation, and combined activity.
  • Kura’s have the opportunity to be involved in developing the Interact programme through critique.

Full details of the Interact Curriculum are available from the kura.


  • Developing a knowledge of God:  His nature and character.
  • Developing a knowledge of humankind:  Understanding our nature and character.
  • Developing a knowledge of the world.
  • Developing character that is conformed to God’s image.
  • Recognising the unity of knowledge and the inter-relationship of subjects.
  • Working with a cycle of topics so that all age groups are studying the same basic topics at different levels.
  • Catering for individual learning skills.
  • Requiring a range of thinking skills.
  • Relating to real life with practical application.


We take appropriate opportunities to enhance the curriculum by offering performances of quality entertainers and equipping tamariki with learning experiences outside the classroom. Our classes also conduct trips in the local community and in the senior years our Kauri class participates in a camp.

Learning Languages

All ākonga are learning Te Reo Maori. Years 4-8 ākonga receive two terms of Spanish.

Physical Education

P.E. is an important part of our curriculum and is scheduled to take place regularly each week. The kura participates in the major Eastern Zone sports’ tournaments and on occasion, Christian kura sports. Class trips, site experiences and external kura programmes (e.g. KiwiSport Soccer Programme) ensure there is an abundance of opportunities for ākonga to participate in education outside the classroom.


Qualified swimming instructors provide swimming lessons (indoor) for approximately 8 sessions. The sessions are: Learn to Swim and Water Safety – depending on the ability of the tamariki.


We offer music lessons for the following instruments: piano. Fees are based on 30 minutes lessons, either one-to-one at $25 ($250 per term) or two-to-one at $12.50 ($12.50 per term) shared cost. This is an optional activity.

Digital Technology (ICT)

The ICT programme is designed to equip ākonga with the skills they need to become competent users of ICT. At each year level, the ICT skills will be tailored to complement and support the curriculum being delivered by the classroom teacher. Experiences include using coding and Robotics.

The value of using ICT in the curriculum is that it:

  • Motivates and engages ākonga
  • Increases interaction and discussion about learning objectives
  • Makes repetitive tasks more interesting
  • Provides access to new software, vast resources and information
  • Enables creative publishing
  • Develops digital citizenship and cyber safety
  • Makes connections with home and community
  • Enables tailoring of individual programmes
  • Extends learning

Kura Houses

Each ākonga is assigned as a member of one of our three kura houses.

The Houses are:

  • Bethlehem (green)
  • Canaan (blue)
  • Sinai (yellow)

Ākonga earn merit marks for their house and themselves. They will also compete for their house in competitions, such as Music, Sports, Speeches, etc.

World Vision

We sponsor Pheaktra Rath, a World Vision child. He lives in Cambodia, is 5 years old and is very much part of our kura. Eight or nine times a year, ākonga have a mufti day to raise money for Pheaktra. We are always looking for opportunities to serve others.


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